CIO Executive Overview

RHEDcloud Overview (26 min)

Rich Mendola, Emory's Enterprise CIO, provides the rationale, history, and current status of RHEDcloud on August 3, 2020


RHEDcloud Webinar 2 (120 min)

 RHEDcloud Project status update as of August 23, 2019 as well as demonstrations, questions, and answers.

RHEDcloud for Amazon Web Services

RHEDcloud for AWS Overview (55 min) Soup-to-nuts demo of the entire service using the production deployment at Emory University & Emory Healthcare. If you have time for only one demo, watch this one for the big picture with many details.

AWS Account Provisioning (28 min)

Deep dive on account provisioning automation with integrations into enterprise identity, network, and security infrastructure.

Security Risk Assessments (18 min)

How to perform and manage security risk assessments for cloud services to inform your design and specify controls.
CloudFormation Templates and Service Control Policies (Coming Soon) Deep dive into specific account structures, virtual private cloud structures, and security policies to implement specific controls.

Security Risk Detection Service (22 min)

How to catch all of the risks you cannot prevent with policies. A comprehensive look at an extensible, real-time cloud security overwatch system.

Temporary Key Issuance (15 min)

Reducing major risk with temporary API keys made easy for users and integrated with enterprise single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.
Managing Your AWS Spend and Integrating Billing with Your Financial System (Coming Soon) How your users can manage their spend as well as how to automate and integrate AWS billing with your enterprise financial system.

Access RHEDcloud for AWS Services with JMS, SOAP, and REST (28 min)

How to access RHEDcloud web services using different types of technology.
Request a New Demo (create a customer service portal account or login) If you would like to see a demonstration of a specific aspect of the RHEDcloud applications, services, or methods demonstrated here, just fill out the request form or e-mail and we'll get on it.


RHEDcloud for Google Cloud Platform

 Coming Soon

RHEDcloud for Microsoft Azure

 Coming Soon