About the RHEDcloud Project

Every cloud user, cloud service provider, and cloud platform provider must assess risk and implement controls in the shared responsibility model of cloud services. The RHEDcloud Project helps solve common problems by collaborating to:

  1. Identify security risks, controls, and countermeasures to meet compliance requirements
  2. Provide common implementation frameworks for security controls and countermeasures for multiple cloud platforms
  3. Implement common interfaces and automation required to integrate cloud platforms with on-premises security, network, and identity management infrastructure

The Project's activities benefit a wide range of individuals and entities, including higher education institutions, medical and healthcare providers, cloud platform providers, cloud service providers, financial institutions, and government entities. The Project's activities assist these users and providers in securely maintaining confidential information and complying with rules, regulations and laws related to the storage, transmission, and processing of confidential information.

The Project's activities include:

  1. Promoting and assisting in collaborative research and software development through data collection and documentation of security requirements and risk assessments
  2. Releasing collected data, analysis, and common products
  3. Creating and releasing educational materials and coordinating educational opportunities

For more background and details on the project, visit the project's public wiki.