Rice University Implements RHEDcloud for AWS Proof-of-Concept

Rice University Implements RHEDcloud for AWS Proof-of-Concept

December 04, 2019

ATLANTA– (December 4, 2019) –  RHEDcloud, a consortium of universities, cloud providers and security vendors, today announced that Rice University is implementing a proof-of-concept with RHEDcloud for AWS in support of its research computing initiatives.   

The RHEDcloud for AWS implementation at Rice University will focus on three key areas:

  • Identify security risks, controls and countermeasures to meet compliance requirements.
  • Provide common implementation frameworks for security controls and countermeasures for multiple cloud platforms.
  • Implement common interfaces and automation required to integrate cloud platforms with on-premises security, network and identity management infrastructure.

“We joined the RHEDcloud Foundation to advance cloud computing at Rice University. It’s institutionally important to be able to guarantee security and privacy and RHEDcloud provides that,” said Klara Jelinkova, Vice President for International Operations and CIO at Rice University. “RHEDcloud enables the IT staff and researchers to work in a community of peers to develop their skills in a way that is quickly moving the institution forward.”

RHEDcloud is a new approach to provisioning cloud services. It provides an automated method by which an institution can assure that security principles are being followed. To the extent that the cloud service model does not accommodate that, RHEDcloud provides a unique solution to meet the needs of researchers as well as the security requirements of the institution.

Rice University implemented RHEDcloud for AWS shortly after a project at Emory University that was the genesis of RHEDcloud. Emory soon realized that for it to reach its full potential, RHEDcloud needed to evolve into a consortium that included other institutions of higher education, healthcare, and other research organizations.

“We wanted to enable our researchers to quickly use cloud computing in a secure, compliant manner and to focus their time on doing science,” said Rich Mendola, Enterprise CIO and Senior Vice Provost at Emory University. “The project was all about shrinking the time to science. By getting the researches up and running, they could focus on their scientific endeavors and discovery.”

“Because of the investment by Emory, we didn’t need to build our cloud services from the ground up.  We were able to take something that was honed and then built in additional capabilities,” said Jelinkova. “It speaks to the value that institutions coming to RHEDcloud will be able to harness.”

About RHEDcloud

RHEDcloud is a consortium of universities, cloud providers and security vendors that provides resources for higher education/research organizations to quickly and efficiently deploy, configure and manage secure, compliant cloud initiatives. For the latest RHEDcloud news and updates, visit RHEDcloud.org.


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