RHEDcloud Project Launch

RHEDcloud Project Launch

March 04, 2019

The RHEDcloud Foundation exists and is ready to launch. The initial officers acting until the board convenes and confirms or replaces them are:

  • Rich Mendola, President (Emory) - responsible for convening the board and work teams
  • John Connerat, Treasurer (Emory) - responsible for establishing the financial infrastructure of the Foundation and the corporate entity
  • Steve Wheat, Secretary (Emory) - responsible for establishing and maintaining the project technical and collaboration infrastructure and maintaining corporate records

Over the past two months we have:

  1. Incorporated the RHEDcloud Foundation as a Georgia non-profit corporation
  2. Established a collaboration platform on Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  3. Posted copies of our initial organizational filings in the Foundation Business space
  4. Created RHEDcloud Bitbucket accounts and teams into which we can start migrating code and pipelines
  5. Reached an agreement with the Emory Office of Information Technology to open source Emory's work on the AWS at Emory service
  6. Started transferring all of Emory's cloud service risk assessments from the Emory wiki into a structure cloud service data, so we can produce report, share, and discuss these assessments with RHEDcloud collaborators. Reports will be posted on the Security Risk Assessment space on the RHEDcloud wiki

Presently, Emory is launching the AWS at Emory Service at http://aws.emory.edu with several of our research groups.

At this time we would like to request you all review the wiki page at http://www.rhedcloud.org (also accessible at http://rhedcloud.org and http://rhed.cloud for short) to confirm all of your organization's project participants (as many as you like) and your one board member from each organization. Please send your feedback to Steve Wheat at swheat@emory.edu. Everyone listed on this page will receive invitations shortly for the private wiki and other collaboration resources.

Rich Mendola would like to schedule three RHEDcloud Board of Directors meetings between April 1 and July 31 to provide guidance and oversight to the Foundation's launch activities and identify work teams.

In addition to all of the work with Amazon Web Services, Google has engaged enthusiastically and is working with us on risk assessment and technical strategy. If any potential collaborators have questions about any of the work to date, Emory, AWS, and Google team members plan to host a 90-minute presentation, demo, and QA session on current activities and next steps on Tuesday, March 26 from 12 noon - 1:30 pm eastern time. Our goal is to host one of these general information sessions one per month as long as there is interest. Webinar link and registration for the March 26 discussion to follow.